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Cuenca Christmas Concert 2017

Many thanks  to the Cuenca International Chorale, el Coro Infantíl from the Conservatorio “José Maria Rodriguez” of the city of Cuenca, and the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra for their Christmas concert at the old cathedral (Iglesia del Sagrario). “Conciertos Navideños” was the 4th annual concert presented by the Cuenca International Chorale, with songs in Spanish, English, German ... Read more

The Magic Flute – Opera in Cuenca

We attended an opera tonight, Mozart’s classic fairy tale (Spanish version), The Magic Flute, where Evelyn’s Spanish teacher’s daughter, Estefani Ortiz, performed both in the youth chorale and aerial dancing. This is only the second opera performed in Cuenca, and was easily on the same level as we’ve seen at the New York metropolitan with strong ... Read more

Symphony in the Park

Ecuadorians love to celebrate and have parties.  There is some festival going on in Cuenca pretty much every month.  Whereas the US celebrates Independence one day per year on 4th of July,  Cuenca makes a four day festival of its independence from Spain every year.  This year is the 197th anniversary of that independence.  There ... Read more

Music and more music…

This week leading up to Christmas has been filled with holiday  music in Cuenca.  First we went to 2016 Christmas Candlelight Concert put on by the Cuenca International Chorale.  In our opinion, this year was their best  performance ever, and we especially enjoyed hearing Mara Gano. Kudos to the director, Andrea Lyman, accompanied by  Sheila ... Read more

House Concert – The Charango and Estefani

Tonight was another House Concert from Colibri Conciertos, which are hosted in private homes or boutique hotels in Cuenca. Mara Gano (lower right) organizes these special monthly events featuring talented local (and frequently world-class) concert musicians. This month, 30 guests were invited to the home of Greg and Charlene Redenbacher. Guests were treated to hear ... Read more

Music in Cuenca

There is an amazing variety of music talent in Cuenca, most of which you can listen to free.  It is often hard to choose between competing performances, and there are more performances than we can realistically attend each week.  It has been awhile since I have mentioned that fact in this blog, so I thought ... Read more

Belated 4th of July Symphony

As we have noted before, the symphonies in Cuenca are always free, and in this case, jointly sponsored by the US Consulate and the Ministry of Culture .  Tonight was a special  performance of “Portrait of Lincoln”  celebrating 240 years of independence in the United States, featuring all American composers and music, with the Cuenca ... Read more

Niño Viajero 2015, Part 2

The annual Christmas Eve parade happened yesterday in Cuenca.  See here for the first part of this blog post, covering the pre-parade activity.  This part 2 shows some of what the actual parade was like. The parade was led by an angel on horseback.  Mary and Joseph carrying a baby Jesus doll were common, as ... Read more

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