Evelyn Solo Art Show Announcement

Three friends, Acrylic, 70 x 50 cm

Evelyn is opening her first solo art show this week!  Her first (and only prior) show was in July, 2014, where she exhibited with two other artists. 19 months later, she is having her second show, and this time as the only artist.  Not only that, but she is exhibiting at Galería Larrazábal, an exclusive posh Cuenca gallery, where she will be the first Gringa (aka North American) allowed to exhibit.

Where:  Galería Larrazábal at Parque de San Sebatián.  Calle de San Sebastián 1-80 y Mariscal Sucre, Cuenca, Ecuador.

For many people, the address is easier to relate to Cafe San Sebas.  If you are facing this cafe, the gallery is two doors to the right.

Alternatively, go to the Museum of Modern Art on Calle Mariscal Sucre, facing the front door, turn right, then turn right again in front of Cafe San Sebas. The gallery is on the left side of the plaza between Cafe San Sebas and the Belgian Brew.

Reception Time: Wednesday, March 9, from 6 to 9PM.  Free food and drinks provided.

Show Theme: Visions of Ecuador: Landscapes, Animals and People (Visiones Del Ecuador: Paisajes, Animales, y Gente)

The exhibit will continue through April 5, 2016.  Gallery hours are 9AM – 1PM and 3PM – 6PM Monday to Friday, plus 10AM – 1PM on Saturday.

Come and join us Wednesday evening, talk with the artist and enjoy her paintings, all inspired by her travels throughout Ecuador.

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