Uzbekistan 4 – Khiva

We finished our tour of Uzbekistan by visiting Khiva, a small city of 50,000 people. On our first day, Mehmet (our travel guide) arranged for a private performance of traditional music. Though these trips usually produce some very nice photography, it is sometimes a bit of a scramble as everyone wants the same basic photograph (center […]

Uzbekistan 3 – Bukhara

The highlight in Bukhara (pronounced “būhara”) was our visit to a blacksmith shop. The blacksmith and his son made a decorative handle, and  Mehmet arranged for our group to photograph the process.  The images above and the video show how this all worked out. When touring the Jewish sector of town, we passed a puppet […]

Uzbekistan 2 – Samarkand

We are now in Samarkand, the second city on our Silk Road tour  in Uzbekistan – just in time for Evelyn’s birthday!  Jamil is our local guide in Uzbekistan, and his parents showed up to meet our train, greeting Evelyn with a bouquet of roses from their garden.  His mother also baked one of the best birthday […]

Uzbekistan 1 – Tashkent

We have now entered Uzbekistan, and started our photographic tour with Mehmet Özbalci, the same guide we used on our photo tour in Turkey last year. The above block gives a taste of the guidance Mehmet gives us.  He had taken us to the Khast Imam Mosque to photograph in the late afternoon.  There was a small […]

Home After Whirlwind 10 Weeks

We are back home, and loving it! Yes, the travel was fantastic. The places were fantastic. The people were (mostly…) fantastic.  But our own beds and showers are more welcome after a long trip like this. After 10 weeks covering 6 countries, we did so much that it is hard for it not to start […]

Iran 4 – Shiraz Two

Iranian Local: What do you do? (he meant as a job) Me: I am retired. IL: Are you unemployed?  I am sorry to hear this. Me: No, retired. I worked for 45 years, and can now enjoy my life without having to work any longer. IL: But you are not old enough to retire! (discussion […]

Sri Lanka 1 – Colombo

NOTE: Starting with the Thailand trip just completed, I have begun limiting each “photo story block” to only seven images.  A few years ago, I was using eleven, but received feedback that the images were too small.  I have since been using nine-photo blocks.  Some people have commented that they read this block on small […]

Cuba 8 – Farewell from Havana

As we prepare to leave Cuba, it is mostly the Cuban people with expressives eyes that we remember. They have had a hard life, yet seem content. We ended our Cuba photo tour by returning to Havana for one last evening.  On the way there, our van got a flat tire with the retread flying off […]

Portugal 9 – Lisbon

Our three month adventure in Europe and Central Asia is now over. This is our 37th and final blog entry covering this trip that has taken us to Italy, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, and finishing with a month in Portugal. On our last day in Lisbon, we decided to check out their zoo.  We […]

Photo Tour Travelers

Wow…  Five countries (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia) in six weeks. Mehmet Özbalci organized this tour through his company Fantastic Photo Tours, based in Istanbul, Turkey.  We used him in 2016 for a tour of Turkey, and liked his approach so much that we decided to use him again for these countries. I thought we would […]

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