Galapagos 2

Our 5-day tour of the Galapagos Islands continue (read part 1 here). There are both Blue-Footed and Red-Footed Boobies on the islands, though we only visited islands with the Blue-Footed variety.  From prior trips, we found them the more interesting anyway, and this time we visited shortly after the chicks had hatched (right-middle and left-bottom). […]

Galapagos 1

Our niece Kerry, and nephew Mark Jones came to visit us for the past week.  Both are from Evelyn’s sister (Pauline) side of the family.  We told both that we would pay for a trip to South America when they graduated college. Mark actually graduated three years ago, and Kerry one year ago, but young […]

African Photo Galleries Posted

The photo galleries for the recent trip to Africa have now been posted.  You can reach them by going to the menu at the top of every page and choosing Travel, then 2018.  You can optionally go directly to each of the four galleries by choosing that from the 2018 submenu too. Or just click […]

Botswana 4 – Okavango Delta

Our final campsite was in the Okavango Delta, a rich swampy inland delta produced by seasonal flooding. The waters evaporate and transpire, but do not empty into the sea. This wetlands area, including the Moremi Reserve, has been designated as a Unesco World Heritage site. During the wet season, much of the area we drove […]

Botswana 3 – Moremi Game Reserve

We continued our Botswana tour by moving to our third tent camp of the week, located in the Moremi Game Reserve. This camp is called Khwai and is known for their extensive variety of wildlife. This is truly wild animal country, and we were warned again not to come and go from our tents without an […]

Botswana 2 – Savuti Camp

After four game drives in Chobe camp, we were driven to our second camp. Savuti is located along the Savuti Channel on the western side of Chobe National Park and is a private camp of  &Beyond. Savuti is known for its exceptional wildlife viewing. We also realized what the pattern of our week would look like. […]

Botswana 1 – Chobe National Park

After a one night layover in Victoria Falls, we were set to join our safari tour group in Botswana. There was some confusion at the meeting place, until Sam came over and introduced himself as our guide and driver.  Turns out we were a “safari of two” and this was going to be 8 days […]

Namibia 10 – Erindi 2 – Desert Variety

This is the second post from the two-day game drive on the Erindi Private Reserve in Namibia (see Lions and Elephants).  We saw giraffes several times during the three drives. I always get a kick out of seeing them bend down for drinking (or tasting a salt lick in upper-right), and of seeing such gangly […]

Namibia 9 – Erindi 1 – Lions and Elephants

We finished our Namibia tour by staying at the luxurious Old Trader’s Lodge in the Erindi Private Game Reserve for two nights. This is a huge reserve covering 273 square miles or 71,000 hectares. We had three game drives here. With the abundance of wildlife to be seen, including animals that visited regularly to the watering hole at the […]

Namibia 3 – Rhinos & Cheetahs

Today was a short side-track from the landscape and night sky photography.  We got to see a bit of wildlife up close and personal. On one drive into the scrub forests, we came across a very large white rhinoceros. These are quite rare, and we were lucky to find him.  Above, you can see him […]

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