Galapagos 2

Our 5-day tour of the Galapagos Islands continue (read part 1 here). There are both Blue-Footed and Red-Footed Boobies on the islands, though we only visited islands with the Blue-Footed variety.  From prior trips, we found them the more interesting anyway, and this time we visited shortly after the chicks had hatched (right-middle and left-bottom). […]

Galapagos 1

Our niece Kerry, and nephew Mark Jones came to visit us for the past week.  Both are from Evelyn’s sister (Pauline) side of the family.  We told both that we would pay for a trip to South America when they graduated college. Mark actually graduated three years ago, and Kerry one year ago, but young […]

Cathedral Domes in Cuenca at Sunset

This is the scene from our living room window at sunset yesterday. After nearly a year of renovation work, the cathedral domes were finally finished while we were traveling the last couple months. I captured this time-lapse last night.

Ecuador Coast – La Entrada

We hadn’t been to the Ecuador coast in a couple years.  Also, we have plans for October where I will be using my drone quite a lot, and was looking forward to practicing in open, unobstructed spaces rather than the confined streets of Cuenca.  We therefore decided it was time to take a few days […]

Corpus Christi – Castles on Fire!

This week starts the annual Corpus Christi festival, which always starts 60 days after Easter.  Though it is celebrated throughout Latin America, it is one of the largest parties in Cuenca, behind only the Paseo del Nino parade on Christmas Eve. There are fireworks every night for at least a week, and this time it […]

Birds of Prey Rescue Center In Tarqui

Soledad Riquetti de Gould (aka Sole), owner of La Yunta restaurant arranges trips for expats weekly, usually for cooking classes. Yesterday, she arranged a special trip to Cetreria (the Falconry Center) and the Yurak Allpa Zoológico Refugio in Tarqui, which were featured recently in an article on CuencaHighLife. We were so intrigued with the article that we registered […]

El Pase del Niño Migrante Parade Cuenca 2018

Yes, it’s another parade. There are three large parades at this time of year, before Carnaval. The first was the Passing of the Traveling Child held on Christmas Eve (el Pase del Niño Viajero). The second was the Day of the Innocent’s parade. The third is today’s Passing of the Migrant Child. Today was the ninth El […]

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