Photographer Of The Year 2019

Last month, I was surprised when people started sending me congratulatory email and Face Book messages, as well as congratulating me on the street.  Maybe they were commenting on the photo show Evelyn and I had completed the prior month… but then why the month delay? To my surprise, I discovered that I had just […]

Evelyn Wins First Place – Christmas Photo Contest

Christmas in Cuenca culminated with Evelyn being  selected as the winner of the Cuenca Dispatch and CuencaHighLife Christmas photo contest. The winning photo shows a girl holding a candle at the annual International Chorale Christmas concert, seen above. December is always a busy month for us in Cuenca. There are always so many choices that all […]

Photo Show Opening Dec 2018

Last night was the opening reception for Burt and Evelyn Johnson’s first photo exhibition in Cuenca, Ecuador, at the Miguel Illescas Gallery. It was called Ecuador y Más: Su tierra y su gente (the land and the people), and presented images from three photographers: Michael Hamilton, Burt Johnson and Evelyn Johnson. All three are retired […]

Vermont Fall Foliage, Part 2

Despite the pastoral farms and seemingly endless rolling hills, Vermont has several dense, spread out cities and towns, and it is hard to find truly dark skies, as needed for good star photography.  A few feet from where we photographed the light-painted island yesterday, there was a partially shielded area that allowed us to capture […]

Vermont Fall Foliage, Part 1

Seeing the Fall Colors in New England has been on our travel list for years. We decided to go this year, which was precipitated by my camera falling onto a granite rock during a windstorm in Namibia in July. That required it to be sent to the Sony repair facility (who fixed it under warranty!), […]

Vistazo Magazine Article on Burt

Vistazo is an Ecuadorian news magazine. The issue with yesterday’s cover date (October 20, 2016) has an article about three photographers in Cuenca, of which Burt is the first listed. They asked for a few of my photographs to illustrate their article celebrating Cuenca’s upcoming Independence Day, plus a few quotes from me around which […]

Brag – Winners…Life in Retirement…

This post is a bit of a personal brag for both of us.  You have already read about the Mayor’s Gallery Art Reception this past Friday, and the Cuenca Art Walk 2016 that followed during the weekend.  El Mercurio is a major Spanish Language Cuenca newspaper that we follow (usually from Jeanne’s daily English translations […]

Waterfall Moving From Still Image

You may have noticed that a couple recent blogs have had moving images in them (symphony and magic as examples). These are animated GIF images that I have been experimenting with. Both those were made starting with videos that I shot during the event. With some masking magic, I am able to obtain a moving […]

Turkey 09 – Camera Mania!

Today was an adventure in exploring transportation around Istanbul, shopping, dining, getting lost, and spending way too much money on stuff we can’t get in Ecuador.  Let’s see how it unfolded… Evelyn decided she wanted a new camera bag. She is in love with luggage, and still searching for the ideal bag that will weigh […]

Turkey 07 – Cappadocia Enroute to Antalya

The chimney fairies were our last photo stop in Cappadocia. But first, a word from our sponsor… It seems that some people are a bit confused about this blog, and believe that Burt (aka “me”) is the source of all photographs and writing.  Actually, at least 1/3 of all photographs shown were taken by Evelyn, […]

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