Today marks the end of our Colombia travels, after spending the last five days in Cartagena. This city is the closest we have visited in Colombia to Cuenca in many ways. The total city population is roughly 900,000 compared to Cuenca’s 550,000, so a bit larger.  The walled city, where we stayed, is known as […]

San Andres

  We decided that a few days on the beach would be a nice way to relax, so we went to San Adres. Oddly, this island is 470 miles North of Colombia, yet only 140 miles East of Nicaragua. Looking on the map, you would think this would be a Nicaraguan island, but you would […]

Medellin 3 – Guatapé and Centro

Yesterday we hired a driver to take us to Guatapé, a small town outside Medellin that we had heard was quaint. Along the way, we visited other towns –Marinilla and Peñol,  In short it was a LONG tour with 6 hours of driving, 1 hour of exploring the town. Though Evelyn liked the tour, I […]

Medellin 2 – Exotic Fruits Tour

Having lived in Cuenca and shopped at mercados weekly for the past two years, I wasn’t sure about wanting to take a tour of a Medellin mercado.  However, we have loved most of the walking tours we have taken in various cities, and the reviews were good, so we decided to take the “Exotic Fruits […]

Medellin Festival of Lights

Cuenca has a few lights during Christmas on Plaza Otorongo and along the Rio Tomebamba. All those lights combined would not total as much as any single smaller park in Medellin — and every park of any size seems to be lit up!  We took a “Festival of Lights” tour tonight to see the lights […]

Bogotá 2 – City Highlights

We left Bogotá this morning, enroute to Medellin.  Yesterday, I posted about the street art of the city.  Today, I will talk about the rest of our trip. Much of the time here has had overcast skies with occasional drizzle — never enough to pull out the umbrella, but enough to keep it cold.  Late […]

Bogotá – Welcome To Colombia

We are just finishing up our four days in Bogatá, Colombia.  It has been common to hear a passerby, or even a taxi yell out his window “Welcome to Colombia!”  It is clear that gringos are wanted here. The highlight of the city was the three hour Graffiti Tour, a free (supported by tips) walking […]

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