Galleries Ready!

The galleries are now online for our recent trip. All six countries!  Amazingly, we are now completely caught up from a 10-week trip only 5 days after the end of the trip. That has got to be some kind of record for us! You can see the galleries by choosing “Travel->2019” from the menu at […]

Home After Whirlwind 10 Weeks

We are back home, and loving it! Yes, the travel was fantastic. The places were fantastic. The people were (mostly…) fantastic.  But our own beds and showers are more welcome after a long trip like this. After 10 weeks covering 6 countries, we did so much that it is hard for it not to start […]

Iran 8 – Kashan – the last stop

Iranian Local: I love you! (while making heart with his hands) Me: I love you too (chuckling, then asking if I can take a photo — he warmly agreed, and he and his friends posed for the next several minutes for us) After some more discussion, it turned out that this man was actually Afghan. […]

Iran 7 – Kashan (the real story)

Happy mistake when the camera was moved while shutter still open. Iranian Local: (after opening pleasantries and surprised that I am an American.) My English is good because I studied hard, expecting to go overseas to study. Me: You did not go? IL: No. We discovered we could not afford it after the collapse of […]

Iran 6 – Isfahan

Iranian Local: Are you married? Me: Yes. IL: Where is your wife? Me: Over there (I pointed to Evelyn on the next rooftop, shooting a different set of images from where I was pointing) IL: So, you are divorced? Me: No. We have been married 46 years. IL: Then why is she not here at […]

Iran 5 – Yazd

Iranian Local: Where are you from? Me: America IL: I told my sister your accent sounded like an American!  I have never met an American before. Me: Then how did you recognize my accent. IL: I watch a lot of American TV. (Discussion continued about her being an electrical engineer for a city power company. […]

Iran 4 – Shiraz Two

Iranian Local: What do you do? (he meant as a job) Me: I am retired. IL: Are you unemployed?  I am sorry to hear this. Me: No, retired. I worked for 45 years, and can now enjoy my life without having to work any longer. IL: But you are not old enough to retire! (discussion […]

Iran 3 – Shiraz One

Iranian Local: Are you Alemany? Me: (think for a bit, and realize he is asking if I am German) No, American. IL: Really? Not Alemany? How did you get here? Me: I flew from New York. IL: Welcome to Iran! (discussion continued about the beauty of Iran and where we have visited so far, and […]

Iran 2 – Kerman

Iranian Local: Where are you from? Me: America. IL: But where are you from NOW? Me: America. IL: No, that is not possible. Americans are not allowed to come to Iran. Where did you come from? (discussion continued, and he was amazed to discover that it is legal for Americans to visit Iran) Kerman plays […]

Iran 1 – Tehran – Welcome to Iran!

Iranian Local: Why are you photographing this building. It is “just there” and nothing special. Me: It is a beautiful building. (I show him the LCD from my camera of one of the images above, and he gasps in surprise). IL: But still, why photograph it? Me: To show my friends how beautiful Iran is. […]

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