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El Mercurio Article on Evelyn Johnson

Tomorrow marks our 3rd anniversary of moving to Cuenca to start our retired life.  In researching what to say in tomorrow's post, we came across two articles about Evelyn that never made it into our blog.  Both were articles that came out in March 2016, just as we were preparing to leave for Turkey for a three-month home exchange, and as Evelyn was getting ready for her first solo painting exhibition.

The first article, above, was in the March 9, 2016 issue of Diario El Mercurio, the local Cuenca Spanish newspaper, titled "Ecuador Inspires Evelyn Johnson," which talked about her solo exhibition, which was opening that night.

Cuenca Expats Magazine Article on Evelyn JohnsonCuenca Expats Magazine Article on Evelyn Johnson

The other article about Evelyn was a two page spread, shown above, in issue #8 of Cuenca Expats Magazine, a local English language monthly magazine that covers news of interest to expats in the city.

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