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Puerto López 2 – Fishermen

Yesterday I described the whale watching trip and Isla de la Plata. Our favorite activity in Puerto López though is to photograph the fishermen as they come in with their daily  catch. Peak activity is between 8AM and 11AM….  As you approach the stretch of beach near the wharf where the fishermen come in, there ... Read more

Amsterdam Redux

The flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Guayaquil, Ecuador is a lot longer than we prefer to stay on an airplane.  We therefore decided to break up the long flight home with a night in Amsterdam on the way back.  We weren’t expecting very much, other than a chance to stretch our legs and grab some ... Read more

Cyprus 4 – Art, Donkeys, and Ruins

We have now transitioned from the Turkish-occupied North Cyprus to the “Republic of Cyprus,” often referred to as “the Greek side.”  I’ll let you read the linked Wikipedia article if you want to know why.  Our first shock was that all the signs were suddenly unreadable, in a non-Roman alphabet script — though usually followed ... Read more

Cañar Animal Market

Two and half years ago, in November 2012, we attempted to visit the animal market in Cañar, which is 70 km NE of Cuenca at 10,400 ft elevation, and  is supposed to be the largest such market in Southern Ecuador.  Unfortunately, our driver that day did not understand what we wanted, and by the time we ... Read more

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