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Evelyn Johnson’s Art Show Articles

Tomorrow marks our 3rd anniversary of moving to Cuenca to start our retired life.  In researching what to say in tomorrow’s post, we came across two articles about Evelyn that never made it into our blog.  Both were articles that came out in March 2016, just as we were preparing to leave for Turkey for ... Read more

Brag – Winners…Life in Retirement…

This post is a bit of a personal brag for both of us.  You have already read about the Mayor’s Gallery Art Reception this past Friday, and the Cuenca Art Walk 2016 that followed during the weekend.  El Mercurio is a major Spanish Language Cuenca newspaper that we follow (usually from Jeanne’s daily English translations ... Read more

Cuenca Art Walk 2016

Last Friday was the art reception at the Mayor’s Gallery that launched the Cuenca Art Walk 2016.  This was followed by a self-guided art tour of 55 locations throughout the historic el centro district of Cuenca, all day Saturday and Sunday.  Evelyn Johnson and fellow artist Garry Kaulitz exhibited at the Casa Artesanal, AKA Carolina ... Read more

Mayor’s Gallery Art Reception

Last night was an art reception at the Mayor’s Gallery(aka Galería de la Alcaldía) to kick off the weekend of the Cuenca Art Walk 2016. There was a fusion of more than 30 national and  foreign artists who are living in Ecuador represented at the gallery, each with a single piece of their work.  This ... Read more

Belated 4th of July Symphony

As we have noted before, the symphonies in Cuenca are always free, and in this case, jointly sponsored by the US Consulate and the Ministry of Culture .  Tonight was a special  performance of “Portrait of Lincoln”  celebrating 240 years of independence in the United States, featuring all American composers and music, with the Cuenca ... Read more

Dead Tree Art

You never want to go out your front door without a camera in Cuenca, since you never know what you will trip across.  For the next month or so, there will be many random pop-up parades and festivities, if past years are a guide. Today I crossed Parque de la Madre, enroute to our local ... Read more

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