Photographer Of The Year 2019

Last month, I was surprised when people started sending me congratulatory email and Face Book messages, as well as congratulating me on the street.  Maybe they were commenting on the photo show Evelyn and I had completed the prior month… but then why the month delay? To my surprise, I discovered that I had just […]

Evelyn Wins First Place – Christmas Photo Contest

Christmas in Cuenca culminated with Evelyn being  selected as the winner of the Cuenca Dispatch and CuencaHighLife Christmas photo contest. The winning photo shows a girl holding a candle at the annual International Chorale Christmas concert, seen above. December is always a busy month for us in Cuenca. There are always so many choices that all […]

Women in Art 2017

More than 400 guests attended opening night for Mujeres en el Arte (Women in the Arts), a collective art exhibition sponsored by the Mayor of Cuenca and the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports. 65 women artists with 77 sculptures and paintings were presented in this month-long exhibit. The quality of the art, the variety […]

3 Years In Ecuador – How Time Flies…

Families still wash clothes in the Tomebamba river that flows through Cuenca Hard to believe where the time went, but today marks our 3rd anniversary of the date we landed in Cuenca to start our retirement.  We start with a near empty slate every week, and our calendar is booked by the end of the […]

Evelyn Johnson’s Art Show Articles

Tomorrow marks our 3rd anniversary of moving to Cuenca to start our retired life.  In researching what to say in tomorrow’s post, we came across two articles about Evelyn that never made it into our blog.  Both were articles that came out in March 2016, just as we were preparing to leave for Turkey for […]

Vistazo Magazine Article on Burt

Vistazo is an Ecuadorian news magazine. The issue with yesterday’s cover date (October 20, 2016) has an article about three photographers in Cuenca, of which Burt is the first listed. They asked for a few of my photographs to illustrate their article celebrating Cuenca’s upcoming Independence Day, plus a few quotes from me around which […]

Brag – Winners…Life in Retirement…

This post is a bit of a personal brag for both of us.  You have already read about the Mayor’s Gallery Art Reception this past Friday, and the Cuenca Art Walk 2016 that followed during the weekend.  El Mercurio is a major Spanish Language Cuenca newspaper that we follow (usually from Jeanne’s daily English translations […]

Waterfall Moving From Still Image

You may have noticed that a couple recent blogs have had moving images in them (symphony and magic as examples). These are animated GIF images that I have been experimenting with. Both those were made starting with videos that I shot during the event. With some masking magic, I am able to obtain a moving […]

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