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Joys of Home Ownership

We love our new apartment here in Cuenca.  One of the things we were glad to be rid of was the ongoing maintenance we had on a California house built in the 1920’s. Seems that follows wherever you own property though… There is a parking lot next to our building, and about a month ago ... Read more

High End Apartment Rental

  The “New Cathedral” is a constant sight from our living room window, but during a few celebrations during the year, it is lighted in the evening, giving us a new nighttime view. Technically the Foundation Day celebration doesn’t start till tomorrow, but a few events jumped the gun and started tonight.  Lighting of the ... Read more


  We decided to sell our California house in January 2013, and finally got it on the market in June 2013 (it took longer to pack & give away a lifetime of stuff, plus prep the house than I had expected).  After five months of no offers, we took it off the market in November. ... Read more

Honey, I Shrunk The Condo

More than a year after we started packing to move to Ecuador, and four months after arriving in Ecuador, our container with all our worldly possessions was delivered today!  And somehow, the condo suddenly looks a lot smaller than it did this morning, now that it is buried deep in boxes… ☺ Our container actually ... Read more

Berkeley Home For Sale

  Street View of Our Berkeley Home Now that we are fully ensconced in Ecuador, it is time to sell our home of 26 years in Berkeley, CA.  We had the first broker open house yesterday, with very strong response.  The first public open house will be this weekend.  You can get full listing details ... Read more

Our Life in a Box

Our container was loaded today in Berkeley, and will now work its way towards our new home in Cuenca.  It is both a relief, and a bit humbling to see everything we own fit in little more than half a 20 foot shipping container… Either way though, our life in Ecuador is starting to more ... Read more

Visa Indefinida

We got our resident visas today!  We are now legal Ecuadorians!  We were also told to pick up our cedulas a week from Friday, which will be the final document to complete our legal integration into Ecuador. The process took four hours today, and seems that it shouldn’t have taken more than an half hour. ... Read more

Visa is Approved !

Cuenca Immigration Office Our Ecuadorian resident visa has been approved! As with all things government, there are still some paperwork steps before we have it in our hands, but we received an approval email two days ago, and were told to go to the immigration office today to get the next phase of papers to ... Read more


Lawsuits are not as common in Ecuador as they are in the US, but we just got a first-hand experience to show they are do exist.  We have read recently that labor suits are becoming a hot item, with several expats telling stories (sometimes second or third hand) about household help (maids, cooks, gardeners) going ... Read more

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