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[Recipe] Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs have been one of those things that seem so easy to make, yet are so hard to get “looking good.”  The yolk is often smushed to one side, and the outside white frequently looks like it was the survivor of a chain saw massacre.  Yet there is hope! Print [Recipe] Hard Boiled ... Read more

Burt’s 3 Years of Cooking

Mushrooms Stuffed With Cheese Are  a Guest Favorite Appetizer When I wrote our 3-year anniversary blog yesterday, I forgot to add a section on food and the joy of cooking, which has been a major theme in our lives since we arrived in Cuenca. Mercados. From the start, I have shopped for fresh fruits and ... Read more

Carolina Smokehouse Meets La Yunta

We have mentioned the free cooking classes at La Yunta before.  $3 for a round-trip bus ride (or free if you drive yourself), and get a free cooking demonstration, along with some scrumptious bits of meal that fill you up enough that you don’t need lunch. Yesterday we opted to join them again on their ... Read more

Ecuadorean Cooking School

We spent a full day last week at a cooking school here in Cuenca.  Unfortunately, I got rather sick shortly afterwards (sore throat, etc — not related to the school) and my brain went offline for most of the past week.  I am only now getting around to writing about the experience. The class was ... Read more

Cooking With Fire

We have heard about La Yunta since shortly before we went on our Turkey adventure last March. This is a restaurant / tienda / deli that is about a 15 minute drive out of Cuenca, enroute to Loja. Being so far out in the sticks, they have to be creative to get people to come.  ... Read more

[Recipe] Stuffed Bell Peppers

Print [Recipe] Stuffed Bell Peppers Author: Burt Johnson Recipe type: Main Dish Prep time:  30 mins Cook time:  50 mins Total time:  1 hour 20 mins Serves: 4   This is a quick and easy one-pot meal that has become a favorite of guests. It also makes excellent left-overs. Just spread a little tomato sauce over top and ... Read more

[Recipe] Tuscan Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken in Ecuador.  It is cheap, plentiful, and can be used in so many dishes that it becomes the go-to meal, both for quickie “what do I make tonight?” meals and for guests.  This is a recipe I first saw in The Wanderlust Kitchen web site, and have slightly modified ... Read more

[Recipe] Coconut Balls

I read lots of food blogs, and often come up with recipe ideas from them.  I usually make a recipe three or four times before I decide I have it tweaked to my satisfaction, and certainly before I decide it is delicious enough, and easy enough, for adding to my blog.  In the last several ... Read more

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