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Cuenca Drone #1

I haven’t posted any new images since returning from our 3-month Europe/Asia trip in June. Partly from medical issues that came up, partly from “blog overload” and partly because I have been experimenting with a new toy. Evelyn bought me a Phantom 4 Pro drone for my birthday this year. Due to the difficulty of ... Read more

Gualaceo Carnaval 2017

Vendors were selling food, cans of foam, and hats (including umbrella hats) Carnaval has traditionally been celebrated in various towns outside of Cuenca, so we decided to check out the Sunday parade in Gualaceo, about 45 minutes away. The parade was much larger than Cuenca’s, with some elaborate floats, performances by dance groups. There were ... Read more

Cuenca Carnaval–Foam Attack!

In recent years, Cuenca has celebrated Godparent’s Day with a foam party in Parque Calderon, in the center of town.  Cans of foam (“espuma”) come out at 5:00, and the entire park becomes a slip-and-slide zone within minutes.  In past years, we walked over to the parque later in the evening, when teenagers were in ... Read more

Is It Safe in Ecuador?

We have never before reposted someone else’s blog article here, and I don’t expect to make a habit of it.  However, I read a blog today that is on a topic I have harped on repeatedly, and is written better than I believe I have been able to do.  This article was written by Jim ... Read more

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