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Saraguro Celebration

We joined Esteban Arevalo today, with 20 others, for a visit to Saraguro and their Kapak Raymi (December solstice) festival celebration. Saraguro is a tiny town of only 9000 residents, about a two hour’s drive outside Cuenca, and known for their traditions.  We were told we would be seeing a parade in Saraguro, and have ... Read more

Cuenca Christmas Concert 2017

Many thanks  to the Cuenca International Chorale, el Coro Infantíl from the Conservatorio “José Maria Rodriguez” of the city of Cuenca, and the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra for their Christmas concert at the old cathedral (Iglesia del Sagrario). “Conciertos Navideños” was the 4th annual concert presented by the Cuenca International Chorale, with songs in Spanish, English, German ... Read more

Tulcán, Ecuador

After our anniversary celebration, we drove to Tulcán, the highest city in Ecuador at 2,980m.  There are two famous tourist sites in this area, though one is actually about 10 km across the border into Colombia. To get to the iconic Las Lajas Sanctuary (a Catholic church and pilgrimage site, as shown above), we took ... Read more

Mindo, Ecuador and 45 Years!

We have explored most of Ecuador in past trips, but have never been to either Mindo or Tulcán.  Since we were flying through Quito on our way from Panama back to Cuenca, we decided to spent a week in this part of the country.  We rented a (highly underpowered…) car at the airport, and took off ... Read more

The Magic Flute – Opera in Cuenca

We attended an opera tonight, Mozart’s classic fairy tale (Spanish version), The Magic Flute, where Evelyn’s Spanish teacher’s daughter, Estefani Ortiz, performed both in the youth chorale and aerial dancing. This is only the second opera performed in Cuenca, and was easily on the same level as we’ve seen at the New York metropolitan with strong ... Read more

Cuenca Drone #1

I haven’t posted any new images since returning from our 3-month Europe/Asia trip in June. Partly from medical issues that came up, partly from “blog overload” and partly because I have been experimenting with a new toy. Evelyn bought me a Phantom 4 Pro drone for my birthday this year. Due to the difficulty of ... Read more

Gualaceo Carnaval 2017

Vendors were selling food, cans of foam, and hats (including umbrella hats) Carnaval has traditionally been celebrated in various towns outside of Cuenca, so we decided to check out the Sunday parade in Gualaceo, about 45 minutes away. The parade was much larger than Cuenca’s, with some elaborate floats, performances by dance groups. There were ... Read more

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