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Gualaceo Carnaval 2017

Vendors were selling food, cans of foam, and hats (including umbrella hats) Carnaval has traditionally been celebrated in various towns outside of Cuenca, so we decided to check out the Sunday parade in Gualaceo, about 45 minutes away. The parade was much larger than Cuenca’s, with some elaborate floats, performances by dance groups. There were ... Read more

Cuenca Carnaval – Orquídea Parade 2017

Orquídea Cuenca 2017  was dominated by dancing and foam (from Burt Johnson on Vimeo). During our first Cuenca Carnaval in 2012, the city was practically deserted.  In those days, Carnaval in Cuenca consisted solely of roving kids with squirt guns and occasional buckets of water from balconies overhead in El Centro.  More events have been ... Read more

Cuenca Carnaval–Foam Attack!

In recent years, Cuenca has celebrated Godparent’s Day with a foam party in Parque Calderon, in the center of town.  Cans of foam (“espuma”) come out at 5:00, and the entire park becomes a slip-and-slide zone within minutes.  In past years, we walked over to the parque later in the evening, when teenagers were in ... Read more

The Russian Circus is in Town

The Russian Circus (Circo de Rusia) is in town this week for the Cuenca Independence Day celebration.  We went to the Sunday matinee show yesterday, and had a grand afternoon.  There were no animals (other than a small dog masquerading as a lion), however there was cotton candy, candied apples, popcorn, hot dogs and chili ... Read more

Cuenca Independence Schedule 2016

This is a a quickie post to help out those in the Cuenca area.  This weekend launches the 196th anniversary of the independence of Cuenca, Ecuador, and whole slew of events over the next couple weeks.  You can get an electronic version of the official schedule by clicking here. It can also be read online ... Read more

Burt’s 3 Years of Cooking

Mushrooms Stuffed With Cheese Are  a Guest Favorite Appetizer When I wrote our 3-year anniversary blog yesterday, I forgot to add a section on food and the joy of cooking, which has been a major theme in our lives since we arrived in Cuenca. Mercados. From the start, I have shopped for fresh fruits and ... Read more

Vistazo Magazine Article on Burt

Vistazo is an Ecuadorian news magazine. The issue with yesterday’s cover date (October 20, 2016) has an article about three photographers in Cuenca, of which Burt is the first listed. They asked for a few of my photographs to illustrate their article celebrating Cuenca’s upcoming Independence Day, plus a few quotes from me around which ... Read more

Is It Safe in Ecuador?

We have never before reposted someone else’s blog article here, and I don’t expect to make a habit of it.  However, I read a blog today that is on a topic I have harped on repeatedly, and is written better than I believe I have been able to do.  This article was written by Jim ... Read more

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