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Museum Tour

Our Spanish class went on a tour of four museums today, three of which I didn’t even know existed in town.  The first was Simon Bolivar’s home, which has been converted into an art gallery, shown above. I knew of two Panama Hat museums in town, but we went to a third I had not ... Read more

Museum Walk

While in California for Kerry’s graduation (see prior blog post), a couple of friends from Oregon came down to visit. Together, we went to two museums, along with a tour of the Santa Cruz wineries.  The first museum we visited was the Computer History Museum in Mountain View (Wikipedia and Yelp both have more info).  ... Read more

School’s Out!

Kerry Jones, our favorite niece (OK, our only niece, but still our favorite!) graduated high school today.  After this week, she is officially a college student, attending University of California at Santa Barbara.  She will be majoring in chemistry in the College of Creative Studies.  With fewer than 350 students, this is a very elite ... Read more


Gloria Uyaguari, Evelyn’s favorite Spanish teacher, requires her students to write a diary in Spanish. Evelyn takes private Spanish lessons twice a week at Gloria’s home. Here’s a recent page from Evelyn’s Spanish diary: 29 de Marzo, el sábado Gloria y Adrian nos invitaron a su casa de campo cerca de San Bartolomé a recoger ... Read more

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