Evelyn Wins First Place – Christmas Photo Contest

Christmas in Cuenca culminated with Evelyn being  selected as the winner of the Cuenca Dispatch and CuencaHighLife Christmas photo contest. The winning photo shows a girl holding a candle at the annual International Chorale Christmas concert, seen above. December is always a busy month for us in Cuenca. There are always so many choices that all […]

Group Art Show at CVA

Alberto Soriano and Evelyn Johnson looking at a painting from Evelyn’s new music series. For the month of November, Evelyn was invited to participate in a group show of 8 artists at one of Cuenca’s newest fine arts galleries, Cuenca Visual Arts (CVA) that opened early 2018. Garry Kaulitz and Janda Grove created the gallery, […]

Women in Art 2017

More than 400 guests attended opening night for Mujeres en el Arte (Women in the Arts), a collective art exhibition sponsored by the Mayor of Cuenca and the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports. 65 women artists with 77 sculptures and paintings were presented in this month-long exhibit. The quality of the art, the variety […]

Evelyn Johnson’s Art Show Articles

Tomorrow marks our 3rd anniversary of moving to Cuenca to start our retired life.  In researching what to say in tomorrow’s post, we came across two articles about Evelyn that never made it into our blog.  Both were articles that came out in March 2016, just as we were preparing to leave for Turkey for […]

Cuenca Art Walk 2016

Last Friday was the art reception at the Mayor’s Gallery that launched the Cuenca Art Walk 2016.  This was followed by a self-guided art tour of 55 locations throughout the historic el centro district of Cuenca, all day Saturday and Sunday.  Evelyn Johnson and fellow artist Garry Kaulitz exhibited at the Casa Artesanal, AKA Carolina […]

Mayor’s Gallery Art Reception

Last night was an art reception at the Mayor’s Gallery(aka Galería de la Alcaldía) to kick off the weekend of the Cuenca Art Walk 2016. There was a fusion of more than 30 national and  foreign artists who are living in Ecuador represented at the gallery, each with a single piece of their work.  This […]

Cyprus 6 – Evelyn’s Birthday

Today was Evelyn’s birthday, and it turned out to be quite eventful (but remember that we never ask a woman how old she is…).  As we were driving from the village of Vouni to Paphos in Cyprus this morning, we saw some goats in a field, and decided to stop to photograph them.  Every time […]

Turkey 13 – The Turkish Pinch

We spent today with Aysin, from Cookistan to learn how to cook a 6-course Turkish meal.  We traveled there using Uber for the first time, which worked well in getting us directly to the meeting point, though it took 93 minutes to travel 27 km (about 16 miles) in Istanbul traffic.  With Aysin’s directions, we […]

Evelyn’s First Solo Exhibition

Lynda with her new painting from the Parada de Bus series How many people will come to Evelyn’s reception?  That was a question that plagued us for weeks. How much food and wine do we prepare?  We have been to some art show receptions where only a handful of people showed up.  We were advised to […]

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