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Day of Remembrance

Cuenca Independence Day weekend celebration continued today. There was a children’s puppet show at the base of the Escalinita steps next to CIDAP, and there were much more arts and crafts being displayed on closed city streets and plazas throughout the neighborhoods compared to prior years. We also attended a party for Día de los ... Read more

Another Senior Moment

Evelyn blows out the candle on her special dessert cake Burt turned 65 in February.  Evelyn caught up today, so she now qualifies for the Ecuadorian term of Tercera Edad or Anciano, meaning she is now in her Third Life (aka Senior Citizen).  In Ecuador, that is a major milestone, which qualifies for half price ... Read more

Poor Niagara!

We recently completed a three day visit to the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls.  The falls span an area of 1.7 miles wide, and sits on the border between Brazil and Argentina.  When First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt first saw the falls, she is reported to have said “Poor Niagra!”  There are actually approximately 275 waterfalls ... Read more

Salta Landscapes

We have now completed our tour of the Salta area of Argentina, spending six days driving through both the “Northern loop” and “Southern loop.”  This is a large area, where we often feel we are driving through the Painted Desert of Arizona. Though we are high in the Andes, often topping 10,000 ft, this entire ... Read more

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