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Gualaceo Carnaval 2017

Vendors were selling food, cans of foam, and hats (including umbrella hats) Carnaval has traditionally been celebrated in various towns outside of Cuenca, so we decided to check out the Sunday parade in Gualaceo, about 45 minutes away. The parade was much larger than Cuenca’s, with some elaborate floats, performances by dance groups. There were ... Read more

Cuenca Carnaval–Foam Attack!

In recent years, Cuenca has celebrated Godparent’s Day with a foam party in Parque Calderon, in the center of town.  Cans of foam (“espuma”) come out at 5:00, and the entire park becomes a slip-and-slide zone within minutes.  In past years, we walked over to the parque later in the evening, when teenagers were in ... Read more

Day of the Innocents Masquerade Parade 2017

Every January 6, Cuenca celebrates the Day of the Innocents with a parade that combines satire, political and social commentary.  It is variously called the Fools Parade, Inocentes Parade, or Masquerades Parade. This was originally a religious event commemorating King Herod’s death sentence for all new-born boys after the birth of Christ, though Cuenca’s version ... Read more

Subdued New Year’s Eve in Cuenca

As usual, politicians were mocked throughout the large neighborhood dioramas. Clinton, Obama and Trump were all represented from the States, plus an assortment of Ecuadorian political figures. This was our fifth New Year’s Eve in Ecuador.  Except for 2015 in Salinas, we have spent each of them in Cuenca. Our first was at the end ... Read more

Pase del Niño Parade 2016

Peter Dudar, a gringo expat actively involved with various Ecuadorean charitable causes, led the parade as one of the Three Kings The Christmas Eve el Pase del Niño (the passing of the child) parade is claimed by its organizers to be the largest in all of Latin America. This year, at least 100,000 people lined ... Read more

Festival of Lights

Last night was the Festival of Lights (Festival de Luces) at Santo Domingo Plaza in Cuenca.  This is an annual event, honoring Our Lady of the Rosary.  However, in past years, we always heard about it after the event. This was the first year we learned about the event in time to attend. The schedule ... Read more

Orchid Wall 2016

The Orchid Wall flower show is on display this weekend, running through Sunday, November 27 at the Casa de la Provincia, on the edge of Parque San Blas.  As I write this, the show still has one day for you to catch it.  If you like flowers, and orchids in particular, you should set aside ... Read more

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