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Saraguro Celebration

We joined Esteban Arevalo today, with 20 others, for a visit to Saraguro and their Kapak Raymi (December solstice) festival celebration. Saraguro is a tiny town of only 9000 residents, about a two hour’s drive outside Cuenca, and known for their traditions.  We were told we would be seeing a parade in Saraguro, and have ... Read more

Fantasy Circus from Moscow

Every year during the Cuenca Independence Day celebrations, the Moscow Circus comes to town.  The image above was on the screen during part of the performance. The first poster I saw in town had some other posters plastered over the top of it, and all I saw was the image of Elsa (from Frozen) and ... Read more

Symphony in the Park

Ecuadorians love to celebrate and have parties.  There is some festival going on in Cuenca pretty much every month.  Whereas the US celebrates Independence one day per year on 4th of July,  Cuenca makes a four day festival of its independence from Spain every year.  This year is the 197th anniversary of that independence.  There ... Read more

Gualaceo Carnaval 2017

Vendors were selling food, cans of foam, and hats (including umbrella hats) Carnaval has traditionally been celebrated in various towns outside of Cuenca, so we decided to check out the Sunday parade in Gualaceo, about 45 minutes away. The parade was much larger than Cuenca’s, with some elaborate floats, performances by dance groups. There were ... Read more

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