Cuenca New Year’s Eve 2018

Saying goodbye to the old year with fire destroying the negative aspects of the prior year is a traditional way of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Ecuador. This New Year’s Eve appeared to be “the year of the jumpers.” There must have been a Zhumir (a locally made strong alcohol drink) or Pilsner contest, as […]

Corpus Christi – Castles on Fire!

This week starts the annual Corpus Christi festival, which always starts 60 days after Easter.  Though it is celebrated throughout Latin America, it is one of the largest parties in Cuenca, behind only the Paseo del Nino parade on Christmas Eve. There are fireworks every night for at least a week, and this time it […]

New Year’s Eve 2017, Cuenca, Ecuador

We celebrated our sixth New Year’s Eve in Ecuador, all but one of which has been in Cuenca (in 2015, we checked out Salinas).  It seems that every year in Cuenca, the event has gotten smaller, and tamer. In 2012, there were half a dozen large staged exhibits in el centro, while this year we only saw […]

Portugal 1 – Festival of St John of Porto

We arranged to come to Porto, Portugal in time for the annual street festival paying tribute to St John the Baptist (Festa de São João do Porto). This lively party has been held every year for the past six centuries (starting the afternoon of June 23rd and ending the sometime on the 24th), and is considered the city’s most […]

Godfather of Foam

Tonight was the 3rd annual Godfather’s Fiesta at Park Calderon (see our report from the 1st fiesta here).  Basically, it is an excuse to buy cans of spray foam or silly string and spray everyone in sight.  Don’t go near the park without taking your sense of childish delight with you on this night.  That […]

New Year’s Eve 2015 – Monigotes

This year we decided to check out Salinas, on the coast of Ecuador, for New Year’s Eve.  You can read our first blog, covering the actual NYE event here.  This is an addendum post about the huge variety of monigotes or años viejos  that we saw in town. These doll-like figures are made from paper-maché […]

New Year’s Eve 2015 – Salinas

After greeting the New Year for the past three years (2013, 2014, 2015) in Cuenca, we decided to see what Salinas had to offer, on the coast of Ecuador.  As always, in our trips around Ecuador and the rest of South America, the results were both what we expected, and full of surprises.  The monigotes […]

Corpus Christi Fireworks

Today was the first day of Corpus Christi.  It began with a procession, which I wrote about in a separate blog entry. Tonight was the opening day fireworks.  There will be fireworks and castles every night for seven days.  Fireworks in Cuenca are nothing like in the States, where you must keep a “safe distance.”  […]

Dante’s Inferno Is Shrinking

Masks go on sale a few days before New Year’s Eve and are popular with old and young alike New Year’s Eve in Cuenca, Ecuador is like no other we have experienced around the world.  This is our third NYE in Cuenca, and it seems to get smaller each year?  You can see our blog […]

[Recipe] Sirloin Steak

  Ecuador has lots of good food, but beef is rarely listed as a favorite.  It tends to be tough, and since BBQ’s are rare, we can’t cook it our favorite way. We therefore mostly do without steak.  I recently discovered a way to make delicious tender sirloin steak though. Obviously, you want to start […]

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