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Godfather of Foam

Tonight was the 3rd annual Godfather’s Fiesta at Park Calderon (see our report from the 1st fiesta here).  Basically, it is an excuse to buy cans of spray foam or silly string and spray everyone in sight.  Don’t go near the park without taking your sense of childish delight with you on this night.  That ... Read more

Corpus Christi Fireworks

Today was the first day of Corpus Christi.  It began with a procession, which I wrote about in a separate blog entry. Tonight was the opening day fireworks.  There will be fireworks and castles every night for seven days.  Fireworks in Cuenca are nothing like in the States, where you must keep a “safe distance.”  ... Read more

[Recipe] Sirloin Steak

  Ecuador has lots of good food, but beef is rarely listed as a favorite.  It tends to be tough, and since BBQ’s are rare, we can’t cook it our favorite way. We therefore mostly do without steak.  I recently discovered a way to make delicious tender sirloin steak though. Obviously, you want to start ... Read more

Setenario Celebration (aka Feast of Corpus Christi)

Corpus Christi is a major Christian holiday in Ecuador. The celebration starts when the local Bishop leads a procession through downtown to the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (aka “New Cathedral”) Following the Corpus Christi procession, the celebration of Setenario begins, as family businesses begin bullding castles. Castles always bring out large crowds to watch — ... Read more

Granda Era Has Passed

Incoming mayor Marcelo Cabrera greets the audience, kissing babies while protesters hold up banners Mayor Paul Granda left office today, as the new mayor Marcelo Cabrera was sworn in during a ceremony in Parque Calduron tonight. Two brass bands competed on the square — neither was very good… About a dozen protesters walked around peacefully ... Read more

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