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Manabi Earthquake Relief

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Ecuador on April 16, 2016.  We were in Istanbul, Turkey at the time. The couple that was staying in our Cuenca, Ecuador apartment said they could feel it, though we were 180 miles from the epicenter.  More than 650 people were killed in the quake.  200 schools and thousands of ... Read more

Cañar Mercado and Biblián Church

After going to the Cañar animal market, we went into town to the main mercado for some people watching. According to Alberto (our driver for the day), most of the younger generation left the city to find work in the United States or Spain, so you mostly find older Cañari people in this town of 225,000. On Sundays, Cañar ... Read more

Cañar People and Murals

Yesterday we went to the Cañar animal market, and I created the first part of the report of that trip, talking about the various animals for sale.  Today I want to show some of the people that were there at the market. Top left above is Alberto, Evelyn’s art instructor and our driver for the ... Read more

Cañar Animal Market

Two and half years ago, in November 2012, we attempted to visit the animal market in Cañar, which is 70 km NE of Cuenca at 10,400 ft elevation, and  is supposed to be the largest such market in Southern Ecuador.  Unfortunately, our driver that day did not understand what we wanted, and by the time we ... Read more



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