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20 Years of Mobile Surgery

Today and for the next two days, we are with CinterAndes — a mobile surgery team that travels around Ecuador performing free surgery for those unable to pay for such needs. They obtained their surgery truck (shown above) 20 years ago today.  It is amazing how much they can accomplish in such a small space.  ... Read more

Human Pin Cushion

Image credit https://vimeo.com/71511269 I have been an engineer my entire adult life, pretty much only believing in medicine that has undergone rigorous validation, and trusting only doctors that have had formal Western medical training. Six months ago I broke my ankle in three places and had a whole bunch of metal put in my foot ... Read more


It is sometimes frustrating when I speak “perfect Spanish” and the other person looks at me like I’ve grown an extra head.  I know I said it right… didn’t I? Well, today I had a little lesson on what it probably sounds like to the native speaker I am trying to communicate with. During parts ... Read more

Medical Care in Cuenca

Two physical therapists that are helping me walk again I had not originally expected to have such an immediate interaction with the medical care capabilities of Cuenca.  After breaking my ankle the day before being scheduled to fly here, I found myself needing their care immediately upon arriving.  We had heard several stories about how ... Read more

Helen Johnson, R.I.P.

My mother, Helen Johnson, passed away last night in her sleep.  After battling colon cancer for the past year, she passed last night, at the age of 87.   In May, the doctors told us she would likely live another one or two years.  In late October, just after we arrived in Ecuador, she was ... Read more

No More Crutches!

My GP (General Practitioner doctor) told me 3 weeks ago to contact him today to get a referral to a traumatologist (what they call orthopedic doctor in Ecuador).  I jumped the gun and sent him a text message last night, saying I wanted to be at the top of his queue.  To my surprise, I ... Read more

Blind Success!

In January 2012, I was told that I have cataracts forming in both eyes.  They were not bad enough to get insurance to pay for LASIC, but might be so in a year or two.  Come back in a year and I might get LASIC in both eyes pretty cheaply.  I have considered, and then ... Read more