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Turkey in Spanish

Today was the final class of the year for the Coffee Club Spanish class that I attend.  Our homework for the final class was to write a short story about some trip that we have taken in the past.  The instructor suggested I write about Turkey. Some other students suggested I do a photo presentation ... Read more

Museum Tour

Our Spanish class went on a tour of four museums today, three of which I didn’t even know existed in town.  The first was Simon Bolivar’s home, which has been converted into an art gallery, shown above. I knew of two Panama Hat museums in town, but we went to a third I had not ... Read more

Cuy, Family Style

Back in the USA, they are called guinea pigs and kept as pets.  Here they are called cuy and are a gourmet feast most often served for special occasions and celebrations. We were invited to a special cuy dinner by Gloria, Evelyn’s Spanish teacher, last night for a night of feasting, music… and Spanish. Only one member of the ... Read more

Birthday Party, Ecuadorian Style

Adrian plays the charango, while Marcos plays guitar We were invited by an Ecuadorian family to join a combined birthday party tonight.  Three members of the family (Gloria, Adrian and Stephanie) have birthdays in May, as does Evelyn, so they decided on one combined party for everyone.  Charango from Burt Johnson on Vimeo.   Let ... Read more


Gloria Uyaguari, Evelyn’s favorite Spanish teacher, requires her students to write a diary in Spanish. Evelyn takes private Spanish lessons twice a week at Gloria’s home. Here’s a recent page from Evelyn’s Spanish diary: 29 de Marzo, el sábado Gloria y Adrian nos invitaron a su casa de campo cerca de San Bartolomé a recoger ... Read more

Picky, picky, picky

  We went to the Registro Civil to day to pick up our cedulas.  We were told that it would take “maybe an hour or so.”  Other gringos had told us to allocate all day.  They were closer to the truth… Bureaucrats the world round appear more interested in creating and making jobs rather than serving people in any way ... Read more

FotoClub Cuenca

I heard about the FotoClub Cuenca a few months ago, but between my crutches and the December holidays, tonight was the first time I was able to attend.  I knew almost nothing about the group other than they are the Camera Club for Cuenca, and therefore my best chance of getting back into a photography ... Read more


It is sometimes frustrating when I speak “perfect Spanish” and the other person looks at me like I’ve grown an extra head.  I know I said it right… didn’t I? Well, today I had a little lesson on what it probably sounds like to the native speaker I am trying to communicate with. During parts ... Read more

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