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Wooden Car Race

Today, April 12, is Foundation Day in Cuenca, Ecuador.  The city was founded 458 years ago, and there are celebrations of various types for the entire month.  Last night we saw one of the largest fireworks displays from our apartment window that we have seen since arriving here. Today, there was a “Wooden Car Race” ... Read more


For decades, we have wanted to see a bullfight.  Not that I endorse cruelty to animals, but I do like seeing different cultures and their customs (the USA ain’t the arbiter of morality to the world…).  Though we have been in Mexico at least 50 times, plus to Spain and other Latin American countries, but ... Read more

Futbol Pandemonium

  Futbol Pandemonium from Burt Johnson on Vimeo. Futbol fans really get into a frenzy, jumping around like kangaroos I have gotten into the habit of always carrying a small camera with me around Ecuador (for those interested, it is a Sony RX-100 MK II).  I never know when I will turn a corner and ... Read more