Jhoss Joins Me In The Studio

Jhoss is a local Cuenca high school student that joined me recently in my studio.  We both worked for several hours, trying out various photograph techniques, mostly revolving around capturing motion in still images.  You can see some of our results above. This has been added as a new page in our Studio photography web […]

Mas Agua, Poco Color

[Note: This post by Evelyn] I had my last watercolor lesson with Alberto Soriano, a world class Ecuadorian painter, today. It was an honor and privilege  for me to learn from such a talented artist, and be so welcomed into his world. Alberto is quite passionate, warm, with a positive energy, that is absolutely inspiring. […]

[Brag] N4C Best of Show

I hadn’t expected to post again so soon, but we were notified of the latest round of N4C photography winners.  I was pleasantly surprised that I picked up another 1st place and Best of Show at the Masters level of Pictorial competition: Brainwashed Each duck was shot separately with a syringe in its head, with […]

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