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The Magic Flute – Opera in Cuenca

We attended an opera tonight, Mozart’s classic fairy tale (Spanish version), The Magic Flute, where Evelyn’s Spanish teacher’s daughter, Estefani Ortiz, performed both in the youth chorale and aerial dancing. This is only the second opera performed in Cuenca, and was easily on the same level as we’ve seen at the New York metropolitan with strong ... Read more

Expats Musical Comedy at Fishbon

Tonight’s show was a repeat of the sold out performances from 10/30-11/2/2016, which was produced by Laura Inks-Bodine and directed by Clay Bodine of Fishbon del Sur. Clay Bodine introduced the show by talking about how some ambitious expats got together 6 months earlier and wanted to produce a musical comedy. The result was a ... Read more

Music in Cuenca

There is an amazing variety of music talent in Cuenca, most of which you can listen to free.  It is often hard to choose between competing performances, and there are more performances than we can realistically attend each week.  It has been awhile since I have mentioned that fact in this blog, so I thought ... Read more

Elements of Magic

There was a restaurant in El Centro that we enjoyed, called Magica Cuchara, or “The Magic Spoon.”  It was owned by a very talented local magician, Juan Estrella, who is a member of the exclusive Magic Circle of international magicians.  Juan also performs around the world, and in many places in the United States.  When you dined ... Read more

Iglesia La Merced Symphony

As we have noted before, the Cuenca symphony is free. They play at a few different venues around town.  Tonight is the first time they have played at the Iglesia La Merced that we can remember.  This church is only a block from our apartment, and we had never been in it, so it seemed ... Read more

Salta Landscapes

We have now completed our tour of the Salta area of Argentina, spending six days driving through both the “Northern loop” and “Southern loop.”  This is a large area, where we often feel we are driving through the Painted Desert of Arizona. Though we are high in the Andes, often topping 10,000 ft, this entire ... Read more

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