Turkey 07 – Cappadocia Enroute to Antalya

The chimney fairies were our last photo stop in Cappadocia. But first, a word from our sponsor… It seems that some people are a bit confused about this blog, and believe that Burt (aka “me”) is the source of all photographs and writing.  Actually, at least 1/3 of all photographs shown were taken by Evelyn, […]

Turkey 05 – Opium and Konya

Enroute to Cappadocia today, we saw some women working in the fields. Mehmet signaled the driver to pull over, and after a minute of discussion with the workers, Mehmet signaled for us to join him. He had gotten permission for us to take their photographs.  They were hand weeding what appeared to be barren soil, […]

Turkey 03 – Ephesus

We next drove to Kusadasi for our next night’s hotel.  We stayed at the Hotel Marina Suites, which had a luxurious spa that none of us in our photo tour used.  We had noticed that German was a common language on many signs in the ruins, and we had often been spoken to first in […]

Turkey 02 – Where Babies Come From

If you are following this blog in real time, you know that I am cheating with the publish dates.  We started a photo tour of Turkey in Istanbul on April 1, which ended for us on April 11, when the group returned to Istanbul.  During that time, we were kept going from before dawn most […]

Turkey 01 – Istanbul First Impressions

We have just completed our first week in Istanbul, Turkey with 4 nights on the Asian side, and 2 nights. We will next go on a photo tour of Western Turkey, before returning here to Istanbul to stay a couple months.  This post is therefore just our first impressions of the city.  We are doing […]

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