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Is It Safe in Ecuador?

We have never before reposted someone else’s blog article here, and I don’t expect to make a habit of it.  However, I read a blog today that is on a topic I have harped on repeatedly, and is written better than I believe I have been able to do.  This article was written by Jim ... Read more

Puerto López 2 – Fishermen

Yesterday I described the whale watching trip and Isla de la Plata. Our favorite activity in Puerto López though is to photograph the fishermen as they come in with their daily  catch. Peak activity is between 8AM and 11AM….  As you approach the stretch of beach near the wharf where the fishermen come in, there ... Read more

Amsterdam Redux

The flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Guayaquil, Ecuador is a lot longer than we prefer to stay on an airplane.  We therefore decided to break up the long flight home with a night in Amsterdam on the way back.  We weren’t expecting very much, other than a chance to stretch our legs and grab some ... Read more

Turkey 24 – Life in Istanbul

Now that our latest vacation is complete, this is a summary of what it feels like to live in Istanbul, even if only for a couple of months.  First, mosques are everywhere and a part of daily life, even for those who are not practicing Muslims.  There are 2,995 active mosques here, and every one ... Read more

Turkey 23 – Safety and Security

[NOTE: This post was written before the bombing at the Istanbul airport.  The contents here still applies though. Such mass attacks have occurred in Belgium, Paris, London, and… Orlando.  The world seems to be rapidly going crazy.  Anytime you choose to leave your home, you at risk of an attack… or simply being hit by ... Read more

Turkey 21 – Ortaköy

The “Blue Hour” at Ortaköy Camii We traveled by ferry to Beşiktas, today,  then took a long walk to Ortaköy Mosque, which is located right at the foot of the Bosphorous Bridge, specifically to photograph the “camii” (in Turkish) as the sun set. When we arrived at Beşiktaş, we tried to find the bus to take ... Read more

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