Oaxaca, Mexico 3 – Concert and Wandering

The symphony is free in Oaxaca.  However, you must get advance tickets to see it, and by the time we tried, all those tickets were “gone”. We were told later that tickets were available for a 50 peso bribe (about USD $2.50), or you could stand in the long line the day of the concert. Fortunately, the Oaxaca […]

Oaxaca, Mexico 2 – Cooking Schools

We attended two different cooking schools while in Oaxaca, both recommended by our AirBnb host. The first was Seasons of My Heart, founded by Susana Trilling who starred in a 13-part PBS Series on the Oaxacan culinary experience and authored a book, both by the same name. This class was held in Villa de Etla, […]

Oaxaca, Mexico 1 – City Walking Tour

This is only the second time we have visited Oaxaca, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Oaxaca is also known for the best food in Mexico, along with its vibrant arts and crafts. We first visited Oaxaca almost 40 years ago, and were eager to see the changes. We frequently take “walking tours” […]

Chile 10 – Valparaiso Coast

Quintay is a small town just to the north of Isla Negra, which is 45 km south of Valparaiso. This town was originally a whaling town, with an interesting small museum dedicated to past whaling enterprises (middle-top and left-bottom), and has several seafood restaurants only accessible from the beach at lower tide (upper-right). Along the […]

Chile 9 – Valparaiso Urbano

We spent four days in Valparaiso at the end of our Chile travels. After visiting eight countries so far in 2019, we were looking for a few days of taking it easy. One thing we have been enjoying are the free walking tours (for tips) in many of the major cities we visit. In Valparaiso, […]

Chile 8 – Valparaiso Street Art 2

Nobody appears to know exactly how many murals and graffiti artworks exist in Valparaiso. We have seen estimates from 1400 to many thousands, and actual number probably depends on how the counting is done. Within the last 5 years, over 300 Chilean and international artists have contributed new works to the cityscape. It would take […]

Chile 7 – Valparaiso Street Art 1

Valparaiso, called Valpo by locals, is one of the most colorful cities in the world and considered to be the cultural capital of Chile. The historical quarter was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. It is well known for the massive amount of world-class street art throughout the city. In large parts of […]

Chile 6 – Wineries 2

We visited a total of eight wineries while in Chile. The first four were described yesterday. Here are the remaining four. The next one in our tour was Viña Santa Cruz, still in the Colchagua Valley. This tour was not as enjoyable as most, partly because of the large number of children everywhere. This was […]

Chile 5 – Wineries 1

What do you think of when you think of Chile? According to one walking tour guide, the answer is “Atacama Desert, Patagonia, violent politics, earthquakes… and wine.” We were on the edge of the desert while watching the eclipse. It is far too cold this time of year (July is the middle of their Winter) […]

Chile 4 – Santiago

We spent two days in Santiago — one at the start of this trip, and a second later when returning from Easter Island. On both days, we used “Tours 4 Tips” free walking tours. Their guides dress as “Wally,” playing off the “Where is Wally” cartoon (known as “Where is Waldo” in the US and […]

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