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Georgia 4 – Akhaltsikhe

We finished our tour of Georgia with a long travel day on the bus going from the far north (Mestia) to the far south of the country to reach Rabati castle, staying in the town of Akhaltsikhe (and no, I still cannot pronounce it even after staying there for a day…).  Lower-left is the view from our hotel ... Read more

Georgia 3 – Mestia

Our tour included a visit to Ushguli, a tower village, and a stop at Lover’s Tower in the Mestia area in 4-wheel drive cars. Mehmet hired two models to dress in traditional clothing (above block) to pose, and to thus add color to our shots. I thought it was interesting to see our local guide to use her iPhone ... Read more

Georgia 2 – Kutasi

We spent our second night in Georgia in Kutasi.  Enroute, we made several stops for photography.  Our local Georgian guide, Gvantsa, liked daisies and picked them whenever we stopped.  Seen above, she has found another field of wild daisies, and is picking a bouquet for her seat on the bus. Throughout Georgia, we often pressed ... Read more

Georgia 1 – Tbilisi

We have complete the Silk Road tour (aka “-Stan countries”), and have now entered Georgia with Mehmet Özbalci. One of our stops on this first day was at the Metekhi Georgian Orthodox church. A wedding was being photographed while we were there, and the groom’s men were willing to pose for us in front of ... Read more

Kazakhstan 3 – Kaiyndy Lake

One of our destinations today was Kaiyndy lakes national park, a lake created as the result of an earthquake induced landslide blocking the river, in the Kolsai Lake National Park. The trees in the region were flooded and died.  However, the water is so cold that the trees did not deteriorate, and instead remain standing, making an ... Read more

Kazakhstan 2 – Singing Dunes

While driving to our Kazakhstan destination the next day, we saw a herd of horses standing in a pond not far from the road.  As is common with this tour, that meant stopping the bus, and getting out for half an hour of photography.  The horses did indeed present wonderful images to capture (bottom). However, we were ... Read more

Kazakhstan 1 – Almaty

We have now left Kyrgyzstan and entered into Kazakhstan.  Within the group, we refer to the three countries we have visited as “the Stans,” because the separate names are so long and tongue twisting to say. We stopped at a photogenic church by a small lake for a reflection shot. The weather cooperated, with almost no wind, resulting ... Read more

Kyrgyzstan 2 – Issyk Kul

Our final days in Kyrgyzstan were long ones spent in Issyk Kul. In the early morning, we visited a chaotic animal market that is open only on Sundays.  It was very similar to those we have visited in Ecuador, though sheep were the predominant animal, and there were no pigs at all (being an Islamic country, pork ... Read more

Kyrgyzstan 1 – Bishkek

We are now in Kyrgyzstan, after completing our tour of Uzbekistan.  There have been several cemeteries along the road, but one we stopped at today was particularly special. Looking at it from the top of a hill, it appears to be a small city (center above).  It is standard for grave sites to have photographs of ... Read more

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