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Tulcán, Ecuador

After our anniversary celebration, we drove to Tulcán, the highest city in Ecuador at 2,980m.  There are two famous tourist sites in this area, though one is actually about 10 km across the border into Colombia. To get to the iconic Las Lajas Sanctuary (a Catholic church and pilgrimage site, as shown above), we took ... Read more

Mindo, Ecuador and 45 Years!

We have explored most of Ecuador in past trips, but have never been to either Mindo or Tulcán.  Since we were flying through Quito on our way from Panama back to Cuenca, we decided to spent a week in this part of the country.  We rented a (highly underpowered…) car at the airport, and took off ... Read more

Cuba 7 – Trinidad, Part 2

We visited some Cuban homes while in Trinidad. One of the first things that struck us was how small all these homes were.  The home above (upper-left) is little more than the size of our living room in Ecuador, yet houses three generations.  Also, the people are so desperately poor, yet are always smiling and ... Read more

Cuba 6 – Trinidad, Part 1

On our first trip to Cuba, we fondly recall Trinidad as our favorite city. After this visit, it remains our top choice. What has changed is the number of rooms now available on AirBnB, as well as the diversity of restaurants, the loss of the horse-drawn carts delivering bottled milk, and many more tourists. In Trinidad, ... Read more

Cuba 5 – Cienfuegos

We spent one night in Cienfuegos, a city located on a bay on Cuba’s south coast of Cuba. This was mostly just meant as a stop-over between Viñales and Trinidad, and to give us the feel of a small Cuban town that few tourists see. One of our stops in town was at the La ... Read more

Cuba 4 – Viñales

After leaving Havana, we drove to Viñales, which is best known for their cigar farms, spectacular landscape scenery lined with steep-sided limestone hills (mogotes) and rural Cuban lifestyle. The major highway was mostly devoid of cars, with plenty of horse drawn carts taking workers to their fields for the day.  The countryside appeared very much ... Read more

Cuba 3 – Havana, Part 2

We spent a few hours walking the area around the capitol building (left), which is modeled after the White House in Washington, DC. Our first sighting of it was in a painting at the Casa Particular we were staying at. It baffled us where the scene was from, since it seemed a combination of the US building and ... Read more

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