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Abu Dhabi – UAE

After a couple days in Dubai, we decided to go the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi for one day and night.  Barti (our local guide) suggested that we might enjoy stopping at the camel race track.  He told us that they were not racing today, but would be doing some training, and we quickly ... Read more

Dubai, UAE

THE BIGGEST!  TALLEST! THE MOST GRANDEUR!  Over-the-top in everything! That is our first impression on entering Dubai — and that feeling never leaves you as long as you are here. The tallest building in the world is here — the Burj Khalifa at 163 storeys high (“Burj” means tower in Arabic, so there are a ... Read more

India 15 – Enroute to Hubli

Our next stop was Hubli Airport, which was the end of our India trip. Along the way, we passed through many villages. Many appeared to be a step backward in time, with very few motorized vehicles and no tourists. People are living much like they did hundreds of years earlier. The architecture of the buildings ... Read more

India 13 – Munroe Island

We took several little side trips during our three weeks of traveling through Southern India.  One was a visit to Munroe island, located in the Kollam district in rural Kerala, India, and well off the beaten path. We had expected to drive to the island and then walk around.  Instead, we were deposited on the side ... Read more

India 11 – Munnar

While in Munnar, we watched a classical Indian Kathakali dance drama and traditional Kalaripayattu martial arts at the Punarjeeva Cultural Center.  By arriving a couple hours early, they allowed us behind-the-scenes access to watch and capture actors dressing and putting on their makeup. The male lead is wearing 80 pounds of clothes, and requires 3 ... Read more

India 10 – Madurai

We started our exploration of Madurai with a walking tour that started at 6AM.  This gave us a chance to see the old town wake up, since dawn was at 6:30.  Every home had the woman of the house creating an elaborate design using a rice powder, using two fingers and thumb to pick up a ... Read more

India 9 – Cochin

After the excitement of Holi and Hola Mohalla, we embarked on a couple weeks of touring Southern India in a more sedate manner.  Pauline (Evelyn’s sister) joined us for this portion of India. Our first stop was Kochi (also known as Cochin).  Our hotel was a couple blocks from the beach, so we walked down ... Read more

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