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Iceland 10 – Waterfalls

After a late night editing aurora photos, we got off to a leisurely start today.  We began by visiting the same mountain and waterfall (Kirkjufellsfoss) where we had been the night before for the aurora session.  The place looked so different in the day that we didn’t even realize it was the same place until ... Read more

Iceland 9 – Major Aurora!

Success! We really came to Iceland to see a good aurora borealis show. After 11 days of solid overcast and frequent rain, we were beginning to think we would have to settle with that little distant bit of Northern Lights color we saw on Nov 15.  The forecast for tonight was clear from 10PM to ... Read more

Iceland 5 – Glacial Lagoon

We returned to Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon today for a second day of shooting of the ice orphans that are sloughed off the glacier, then head out to sea through the tidal lagoon. The interesting ice chunks from yesterday were all gone, but in their place was a lot more ice that had newly broken off ... Read more

Iceland 4 – Ice Cave

The highlight of today was entering a massive ice cave in the Vatnajokulpjodgardur National Park (see, I told you those names were long and unpronounceable! 🙂 ).  Just a week ago, the interior river that carved the cave was frozen solid and crampons (spikes you put on your shoes to walk on ice) were needed. ... Read more

Iceland 3 – Glacier

Waterfalls are everywhere in Iceland, formed either by the frequent rains or by melting glaciers. We stopped at a farm this morning that has several waterfalls on the property, for a short session. We then visited our first real ice — in the form of a glacier.  It produced some interesting near-abstract photos by zooming ... Read more

Iceland 2 – Northern Lights

This photo tour with Iurie Belegurschi had a busy first day — culminating in success on a key goal. We had never seen the Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights) before, and scheduled this trip specifically to have a chance at them.  It has been raining for days, and no chance for them until tonight. Weather ... Read more

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