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India 9 – Cochin

After the excitement of Holi and Hola Mohalla, we embarked on a couple weeks of touring Southern India in a more sedate manner.  Pauline (Evelyn’s sister) joined us for this portion of India. Our first stop was Kochi (also known as Cochin).  Our hotel was a couple blocks from the beach, so we walked down ... Read more

India 5 – Holi Festival Part 3 – Barsana

This is the final of three parts describing our time in Barsana, India, during the Holi Festival 2018.  People were frenetically dancing everywhere at all times, from early morning, until sundown when we left. Small bands of drummers would wander from place to place (upper-left and upper-right), and start a rapid staccato snare drum beat. ... Read more

India 2 – Vrindavan

Vrindavan, a three-hour drive from New Delhi, was our home base for the Lath mar Holi Festival that are celebrated in the small villages. Nidhivan was considered to be the best hotel in the region, though it requires a 1-1/2 hour drive to the festival. As a dry run for the festival, we dressed in our Holi ... Read more

India 1 – Dehli

India was described to us by one of our guides as a Land of Extremes. From the very wealthy to the very poor, love it or hate it, cutting edge technology to villages which have stood still in time. Vibrant colors stands out from gray dust, food may be extremely spicy or bland. You may find a quiet ... Read more