Waterfall Moving From Still Image

Waterfall Moving Image From Still - Iceland

You may have noticed that a couple recent blogs have had moving images in them (symphony and magic as examples). These are animated GIF images that I have been experimenting with. Both those were made starting with videos that I shot during the event. With some masking magic, I am able to obtain a moving image where only one portion is moving in the frame, and which can played in a loop on a browser without requiring you to press a ‘start’ button.

Yesterday I discovered a new trick in Photoshop that I think is rather cool, and which I may use now and then in the future too.  In the image above, I had a single still image (no movie involved) from a waterfall in Iceland we visited in 2014.  The basic trick is to select regions that are wanted to move, transform them in Photoshop along the desired path, then animate the result.  A bit of cleanup masking, and the waterfall here is the result of my first attempt.

It turns out that Diako Mardanbegi figured out how to create Photoshop actions that make this even easier.  Check it out if you like to play with Photoshop.

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