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Pase del Niño Viajero Otra Vez*

*Parade of the Traveling Child Again

Every Christmas Eve there is a massive parade in Cuenca.  The centerpiece is a statue of baby Jesus that was sculpted in 1823, then carried by Monsignor Miguel Cordero Crespo on a pilgrimage in 1961, where it was blessed by Pope John XXIII.  This is our third annual parade -- you can read see our images from 2012 here and 2013 here. We came back with over 1300 photos this year, so here is an attempt to give a small view of what it was like.

The day started out raining.  I first thought that rain would be the theme of this year's parade, but the rain stopped just a few minutes after the parade started.

Angels were a favorite costume again this year.

Santa was there -- mostly a very young Santa though...

Children were the biggest draw in the parade... though many of them tired out before the end...

The military is fully involved -- passing out free drinks and parading with bands

Some audience stayed out of the fray, though others joined right in the parade

A few other images I liked, but didn't fit in any other group above...

Video of some of the dancers at the start of the parade.

Video of some of the military bands in the parade.

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