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Carnaval Night Parade

Music and Dance were again a major part of the night parade. The children and the congo line were new tonight

We wound up our week in Ambato by watching the Monday night parade.  We were surprised to discover there were two parades.  Yesterday's daytime parade, and then another one tonight, called Ronda Nocturnal.  We were even more surprised to find that both parades were almost identical.  All the groups from yesterday were also here tonight.

There were a few new groups added. Tonight added a couple children groups of bands and dancers, plus a group of visually handicapped, then one with hearing handicapped people.  There was also a new section of tricked out cars with outrageous audio systems, named appropriately enough "Audio Fanatics."

All the same floats ran tonight and many were lit, but we had gotten slightly better seats, where we were able to get some photos of them (yesterday a tree blocked our down-steam photo view)

As before, every float had one or more  beauty pageant winners waving at the crowd

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